Useful Social Network Analysis and R Resources

I'm working on compiling useful resources that I run into when solving network problems. I will continue to update this as I do.

Software Overview

Working with Network Statistics

Bridging Capital Measures

Effective size
Burt's original measure is here. To my knowledge, the only software that can calculate this measure is [egonet] in R. I am still looking for a different formula that does not require the input to be rotated, as this does.
Steven Borgatti's simpler formula for unweighted and networks is here. UCINET uses this calculation.
Borgatti's effective size calculation's in R: For one ego in Stackoverflow, For all ego's in a network in Jesse Fagan's Github page (this is what I use)
 Blau's Index of Heterogeneity

 Bonding Capital Measures

Density: Actual ties/Potential ties
Can be used to calculate: ego-centric network density or global density - available in igraph: density(g), sna, and ucinet
Burt's Constraint:
 Available in igraph: constraint()
          Global Clustering Coefficient

           For directed and weighted graphs: Tore Opsahl's blog . Includes code to calculate node-level and global-level coefficients.

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